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Novedades Variety Store Corp.

15 and 20 Degrees Rolling Knife Sharpener

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Effortless Precision Sharpening
Revolutionize your kitchen with our 15 and 20 Degrees Rolling Knife Sharpener. Crafted to perfection, this innovative tool ensures your knives stay razor-sharp with minimal effort. Embrace culinary excellence effortlessly!

Cutting-Edge Rolling Design
Experience the future of knife sharpening with our unique rolling design. Effortlessly glide your blades through our precision-engineered angle rollers, guaranteeing consistent sharpness at 15 and 20-degree angles. Say goodbye to dull knives hindering your culinary mastery!

Magnetic Knife Holder Included
Organize your kitchen like never before with our Magnetic Knife Holder. Safely store your sharpened knives within reach, freeing up valuable counter space and adding a touch of modern elegance to your culinary haven. Efficiency meets style seamlessly!

Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit
Unlock professional-grade sharpening with our Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit. Engineered for durability and unparalleled performance, our diamond-coated stones ensure your blades achieve unmatched sharpness and longevity. Elevate your kitchen essentials today!

Material: Diamonds
Size: 5.5 In *  4.7 In *  2.4 In
Weight: 1.57 lbs 
What's Included: 1pc* Rolling Knife Sharpener

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Bradly Langworth

Oeh!! Sharp

Effie Runolfsson

Very good jig, maybe if it would be able to attach sandboards of various grammars, it would be extremely versatile

Kyra Kris

15 and 20 Degrees Rolling Knife Sharpener

Mya Kautzer

Très bien

Broderick Wunsch

Rusnya are not people.
Class sharpener. Easily pratsyu, exactly and smallny Kut.
For an adequate hour, I can carry out chases of Kut to fret.
Gostrota crawler for Bastard consumer is ideal.
It is possible for Gikiv Yaki to shold your hands in a city not to pidyde, ale then take))